Done with Galactica

March 22, 2003

I’ve recently finished a short contract doing preproduction work on SciFi Channel’s new “Battlestar Galactica” mini-series, and now I’m working on some web development with PHP and MySQL, some Lightwave animation for a car commercial and an OpenGL game demo. Man, when it rains it pours. I worked under the great Gary Hutzel, and worked […]


January 22, 2003

The nGENE Here’s the source code and compiled binaries for my little OpenGL engine, which I have named the “nGene” after a suggestion by a coworker. It’s a little odd as engines go in that it loads Lightwave 6.x (or greater) scene and model files and renders them, and then lets you fly a camera […]

Sydney the Rat

December 4, 2002

I’ve just finished a couple of contracts for the U.S. Government, of all things! A lab rat and a bald eagle, both animated talking spokespersons for two different branches of the government (the National Institutes of Health and the Air Mobility Warfare Center at Fort Dix). You take your jobs where you find them, but […]

Writing Plugins for Lightwave

September 23, 2002

I am nearing completion of a small suite of plugins for a commercial client – what an adventure that’s been! I was writing Lightwave plugins to translate STL object model format into Lightwave model format, while preserving the materials attributes (raw STL doesn’t support materials). Then I had to write a new shader to render […]