Character Study in Black and White In 90 Seconds

By Gene Turnbow, February 9, 2013

90 second speed paint, Corel Painter, Cintiq
90 second speed paint, Corel Painter, Cintiq
Here’s the same drawing with a little color. I just used the black and white and selectively tweaked the color layers. Fun.

You would think that being able to do something like this in 90 seconds flat would be worth some serious money to somebody.  Especially combined with all my other skills. I’m hoping it is, anyway.  I’m testing the waters to see what I can really do now that I’ve been steeped in motion picture studio culture for almost ten years.

Yes, I did paint this.  Yes, it took 90 seconds.  And I was talking to somebody about something completely unrelated who was standing in the room while I did it.

What do you think?

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