Warp Drive – One Step Closer

November 18, 2010

The main problem with developing working warp drive apparently isn’t the math. We’ve figured that part out. What we need, though, is an unimaginably monumental supply of energy to power the thing. The spokesman for CERN’s ALPHA experiment—Jeffrey Hangst of Aarhus University, Denmark—says that trapping these atoms was a bit of an overwhelming experience: What’s […]

Pics AND It Didn’t Happen

October 12, 2010

With a little image processing in real time, the camera can, in fact, lie.

First Synthetic Life Form Created

October 11, 2010

Those of you who have read and enjoyed speculative fiction all their lives, take note of this newest development.  The J. Craig Venter institute has created the first synthetic self-replicating species whose parent is a computer.  It carries the names of its creators and its own web site encoded directly into its DNA. It is […]

Getting Photofly Off the Ground

September 20, 2010

I was very excited to see Photofly from Autodesk – this looked like a fantastic way to quickly model objects and buildings using nothing but photographs and the click of a mouse (and time waiting for some computing to be done on some server someplace to figure it all out and stitch it all together). […]

That Whole ‘Stop and Smell the Roses’ Thing

September 18, 2010

I think I’m finally beginning to understand it. When your life is a blur of work and driving to and from work and being so tired from work that you don’t even have the energy to sit up and watch television when you get home – when things you thought were being handled for you […]


August 31, 2010

A very very small OpenGL engine. I wrote this thing ages ago for a commercial project for the now-defunct subsidiary of Sony, Sony Development.  We were trying to make a giant pinball machine where you tilted the entire machine to play.  To test the physical controller hardware as they worked the kinks out of the […]

Paper Cylons

March 1, 2010

This is just too cool not to comment on.  Yes, I’m geeking out here – this is an article on Make.com on how to create old-style Cylon armor as papercraft. And here’s the link to the article itself on Make Magazine’s web site. The reason this caught my attention is that one of my first […]

Ray Bradbury, From the Heart

October 1, 2009

Ray Bradbury, one of the world’s most notable secular humanists and one of the greatest writers of all time, came to speak at the Simi Valley Senior Center last Sunday, and I took my wife and son to see him.  It was a fundraiser for the city library – Mr. Bradbury’s a huge supporter of […]

You Can Do Anything

September 30, 2009

The next time you think to yourself, “I can’t do this, they won’t let me do that” – think about the boy who harnessed the wind. There’s no such thing as luck, really – it’s just a matter of being in the right place with the right stuff, often enough or long enough for the […]

Places to Get Stuff

August 19, 2009

The best content for your production is arguably the content you make yourself. However, sometimes the best content is stuff you just buy and use, because it’s not center stage content or the time and resources required to create the content exceeds the time and resources you have. Here’s a list of sources for models […]