The Squirrel’s Up on Glass in the Aquarium

January 16, 2012

Sometimes the origins of technical terminalogy can be surprising. This article describes my experience with an aquarium, a squirrel, and a piece of glass.

Pics AND It Didn’t Happen

October 12, 2010

A new technique developed by Germany’s Technische Universit√§t allows elements to be removed from video images in real time.¬† They’re purportedly working on a version of this that runs in Android, so I may be able to try this for myself on my Droid phone soon. Watch the YouTube video and be amazed. [tube][/tube] — […]

That’s Life (Drawing)

November 17, 2004

I start another life drawing class in about a week, and I’m brushing up on my Maya chops. Soon I’ll be able to run with the big dogs. In the meantime, check out the code page – I’ve finally fixed the problem with the nGene source code that prevented it from compiling cleanly on Linux […]


January 22, 2003

The nGENE Here’s the source code and compiled binaries for my little OpenGL engine, which I have named the “nGene” after a suggestion by a coworker. It’s a little odd as engines go in that it loads Lightwave 6.x (or greater) scene and model files and renders them, and then lets you fly a camera […]

Writing Plugins for Lightwave

September 23, 2002

I am nearing completion of a small suite of plugins for a commercial client – what an adventure that’s been! I was writing Lightwave plugins to translate STL object model format into Lightwave model format, while preserving the materials attributes (raw STL doesn’t support materials). Then I had to write a new shader to render […]