Hacked By Imam

October 13, 2016

All we are saying is, “Give peace a chance.” Relax, Christians, you’re not being oppressed.

Subscriptions Payment

July 22, 2016

I wouldn’t actually hit the subscribe button and pay the $10 it asks for if I were you. You’d be a durned fool to do it. You don’t actually get anything, and it’ll bill you $10 a month for it. how to kick a football on kickoffWhen it comes to space travel, most of us […]

by w4l3XzY3

December 6, 2015

If there are too many guns in the environment, adding even more guns and putting them in the hands of ordinary people does not make the situation better.

I’ve Made a Commercial, for My Own Radio Station!

September 15, 2015

Making a computer animated TV commercial in three days? Yes. Yes, I can.

Gene Turnbow Draws Like Drew Struzan But On a Budget

June 9, 2015

I’m obviously not Drew Struzan, but I’m pretty good at doing impressions.

T-Shirts? Why Not?

January 13, 2015

Can’st thou hear me now?

Balancing Joy and Fear

April 25, 2014

This won’t blow your mind. But it may change it.

Video & Animation

September 16, 2013

I’m an animator too, and here are some samples. Most are Maya, one is in Rhythm & Hues’ “Voodoo” (I worked there for nearly ten years teaching animators) and my demo reel, which predates all that, is in Lightwave.   Did the O line protect Michael Vick? No. He gets hit, he pops up. He […]

Writer’s Rules for Storytelling

March 21, 2013

Why am I just splatting out this thing I found on Facebook? Emma Coates was a storyboard artist for Pixar. The rules seem to be sound, and I want to remember them. Posting them here is handy for me if nothing else. If you’re a writer, you might find them useful too.

Character Study in Black and White In 90 Seconds

February 9, 2013

You would think that being able to do something like this in 90 seconds flat would be worth some serious money to somebody.